How LED Grow Lights Can Benefit Your Indoor Garden

What’s as good as a beautifully designed building?

A beautifully designed indoor garden, of course! And you can only achieve the latter with useful and gorgeous LED grow lights. Read on to know why they’re excellent for your indoor garden.

They provide light instantly

advance-spectrum-led-grow-lights-cannabisIf you’ve been using fluorescent and HID lamps, then you’ve probably noticed that they take around three minutes (or even more) to reach their brightest output. With LED lights, you won’t have to wait anymore! As soon as you switch them on, they’ll be ready to deliver their maximum light output. Impressive, right?

They last long

The lifespan of your LED grow lights won’t be affected even if you turn them on and off regularly. With other lights, however, you’ll notice that the case is different. LED lights aren’t affected by rapid succession, which makes them last up to the end of their expected lifespan. Plus, LED grow lights last up to 50,000 hours too! Sometimes even more! That means you don’t have to replace them now and then. What an excellent way to save money!

They’re energy-efficient

Another benefit you’ll get when you use LED lights for your indoor garden is LED’s ability to conserve electricity. Compared to traditional halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lights, they can save up to 50% energy, thus reducing electricity costs. LEDs don’t waste light and power by targeting light at a specified area—in other words, they give light hemispherically, not in all directions.

They’re tough


These lights are long-lasting, and you’ll have to thank their physical attributes for that. LED grow lights have zero glass filaments and enclosures, which means they aren’t prone to vibrations and breaking. In case you didn’t know, LEDs are mounted on a circuit board and connected to soldered leads.

young tomato plant under led grow lightThey don’t emit UV and IR

Want another reason to love about LED grow lights? Well, they don’t release infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (IR) light. Most incandescent lights convert only 10% of their power to the visible light. That means you’re getting less of what you paid for. With LED grow lights, however, you won’t have to deal with UV and IR which can damage you and your plants.

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